via Daily Prompt: Authentic

I have attempted to write fiction…..and it does not work well for me. Apparently, I am unable to rely on my imagination to fathom a completely made up story. What flows easiest for me, in an unforced, authentic, fashion, is by way of non-fiction…..things I am familiar with – things that have indeed occurred, and have had some type of effect on me. It can also be dreams that I have had….dreams that have the same sort of effect on me, and stay with me, in the same way actual ‘waking hours’ events stay with me. These are what I consider to be authentic in my own meager attempt to write anything in such a manner as to be a decent purveyor of words.

Some may argue that all writers in fact write what they know, whether it be fiction or non-fiction. That depends on the quality of the writer. Journalism of today has given rise to a degree of slant and untruth that is sad to witness – passing off fiction as fact is hardly authentic, other than to reflect the authentic nature of the author’s character. Fiction can be anything but authentic, especially if one considers Harlequin romance novels or maybe pulp fiction. Authenticity is non-existent here. However, I do  concur that if the writer is of a high caliber talent, it does not matter if it is fiction or non-fiction (as long as the author is presenting it in the correct category). For my own purposes, though, I find myself as a much more authentic writer when I steer myself down a pathway that is not fiction. While I may undoubtedly embellish, for the sake of enhanced humor, or other effect, fiction is not where my ease of flow arises. Thus, it is a forced thing…………..not authentically me.

In relation to other writers, I do enjoy reading the fiction of some; however, in relation to friends that I have known for any period of time, I enjoy reading their non-fiction musings. It allows me to glance into their inner-most ways of thinking, and maybe even how they came to a particular thought process. Some things I may never know about my friends, and some things they will never know about me. Yet, I appreciate the occasional non-fiction ramblings of my peers, as it does promote their light, their life, their contributions to this life. Usually, their expressions are happy, and occasionally sad. Either way, I love reading the non-fiction memories or tales of their past. I love their authentic expressions of what comprises their lives. Am I being nosey? Probably. However, I am not interested in just being the Gladys Kravitz of my inner and outer circles. I truly enjoy knowing about my friends, and I internalize it and ponder their authenticity.  And I thank all who have been willing to share with me, and hope they do not mind my struggle to share back. Some may not care, but there are those of us who do. Your authentic nature is important. Continue to share it!!

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