Daily Prompt: Dim

Bryan Neck Baptist Church Rickmond HIll (18)via Daily Prompt: Dim

Today, I am feeling a bit dim. I am not shinning bright, and certainly not very clearly.

Today would be a good day for someone to tell me I am not alone. Or, maybe, better yet, today might be a good day for me to not go so hard on myself. Easing up on myself would most likely be a positive chore for me to engage in.

Today, I am feeling dim because I woke up comparing myself to others. I am feeling dimmed by the fact that I may not be bright enough pretty enough, smart enough. I do have friends whom I adore, but I, on days like today, do not feel worthy of their friendship. Of course, I know the reality that IF we are REALLY friends, then yes, we are worthy of one another’s friendships. But, I have a problem of placing some on too high of a pedestal. This action on my part definitely contributes to my own sense of failures, and my occasional sensitivity to that failure. What I am learning, in moments such as this, is that placing anybody on a pedestal as high as I do, does not dim them – it dims me. (I do not want to dim any of my friends, but dimming myself on their behalf is certainly not the answer…). I am feeling like it is time to move myself out from underneath that pedestal that I have created in order for the sun to shine on me, as well….so as not to dim myself and grow……….and hopefully, thrive.

I do still firmly believe in encouraging and supporting one another, and I feel it is imperative that I continue to do so. Without it, why should anyone ever encourage me? Yet, I have learned….in order not to allow it to dim me, I must step back a step or two, in order that I may shine right along with the one(s) I put on that pedestal. We ALL have talents, and we ALL have clay feet. And I most certainly am capable of ‘forgiving’ the clay feet of my friends……….and even my own clay feet. So much of this has come from my own ‘dimming’ of what is most likely reality of us all…..we are, none of us, going to grow in a healthy manner if we allow ourselves to feel, or seem, dim. Grab the light so that you in turn can reflect and be a light as well! Allow yourself to engage in photosynthesis!!

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