019via Daily Prompt: Imagination

I have an odd sense of imagination. Walking the streets of Savannah, I love taking pictures – I try to do both color and black and white.

As I came upon this fire hydrant near Abercorn, my mind began to consider what happened to cause the inconsistency in the brick work……….and why was the fire hydrant surrounded, more immediately, with just plain, simple concrete?

My imagination finally took over. Savannah, being a very Dog Friendly city, did this for the dogs. After much consideration, the City took up the brickwork that at one time surrounded the hydrant. An ordinance passed, and it was decided that the dogs belonging to the City of Savannah would be given a concrete pee pad. The ‘roll off’ would be much more sufficient and practical.

My imagination leads me to believe that William Tecumseh Sherman was mistaken for a fire hydrant, and Savannah’s male dogs of the day peed on his boot. (Pine straw was and is not a commodity in Coastal Georgia.)  His soldiers had destroyed some of the city’s trees for firewood in order to cook and stay warm, so I like to imagine that  the canines of the area believed in pay back. Georgia Dawgs are like that, you know. And I applaud them.

My imagination is oft a warped thing, and just as often, people take my imagination too seriously. This post, for example………I am imagining that up until right now, some are possibly taking me too seriously. If you are not, thank you for your sense of humor. If you are, please go to the Public Library and check some out. Borrowing is always ok.





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