via Daily Prompt: Lecture

When I hear a lecture, I usually take the lecture in a negative context. I prefer to hear a “Talk”. In my own mind, lectures usually mean someone has elevated themselves, at least in their own minds, as one who is Superior. If I attend a Talk, I feel more engaged.

My interpretation of a Lecture is a speech given by someone who most likely thinks of him or herself as better than others, and they feel it is IMPERATIVE that they guide the rest of us like sheep, into the coral and EDUCATE us- since we, the sheep, do not have one iota of sense.

A Talk, on the other hand, is an exchange of ideas. There may be an individual or panel that LEADS the Talk, but they are not there to proselytize. They are there simply to facilitate.  When I attend a Lecture, I feel like I am “Read The Riot Act”. At a Talk, I feel like I am being engaged and my thoughts are respected – even if not completely agreed with.

Along this train of thought, I rarely enjoy a sermon…..because I equate it with a Lecture. However, I must say, I have attended an Episcopalian church several times here in Savannah – and I truly felt like I was not being Lectured: it was a Talk. The priest was simply asking us to consider the actions of Christ. The tone made all the difference to me. Inside of that circumstance, I am most likely to do as I was asked: to PONDER.

In writing this, I feel I have learned a couple of things. First,  I believe we should learn to TALK to each other….and not lecture. In reviewing this statement of mine, I realize I must put myself at the center of that ideal of learning. I realize I have lectured….and I need to learn to talk more. Undoubtedly, I would learn more, because I might actually HEAR and at least RESPECT other ideas that may very well be vastly different from my own. I hope that this revelation will take root with me, and that I do better.

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